Steering column repair for all passenger car makes

We repair steering columns of all types for passenger cars.


Most common symptoms of faulty steering system:

  • Rumbling steering column
  • Steering wheel is turning too freely
  • While turning the steering wheel vague sounds can be heard
  • Turning the steering wheel seems too hard
  • Steering column shows fluid leakage
  • Noise can be heard from power steering pump
  • Steering wheel wobbling
  • Twitching is felt while turning the steering wheel

What work is carried out during the rebuilding of the steering column?

During the rebuilding a steering column is completely dismantled.
Parts are well-cleaned, if necessary, corrosion is removed – shafts are polished.
New bushings and new oil seals are pressed.
New teflon and rubber rings are placed.


Rebuilt or used?

This issue is likely to arise for many drivers, faced with the problems
of the steering column. When buying a used column you will not have
the possibility to check its condition, and the warranty you will get
is a couple of days at best. After giving in your old column for restoration
you can be assured that only highest quality materials will be used
in order to make the rebuilt column serve for as long as possible.
Also a warranty of 24 months is provided to the rebuilt column.